Get ready to play ball! Junto is the premier app for organizing groups of people and teams. After you’ve downloaded the app, follow these steps to get started.

Sign Up

First press the Sign Up button and enter your basic details. Make sure you include a unique password. Once you finish, a verification email will be on its way!

Verify your account

Check your email for a message from [email protected] Click on the provided link with your smartphone and you will be automatically redirected to the app. Congrats! You're verified.

Join a Team

A team manager has already created a team account on Junto? Perfect. Press “Join a Team” and enter the name of the team, and the city and state where it is located. Once you find the right one, enter the team password and you're in! Now that you've joined, either choose a profile made by the team manager or add your own information by pressing “Add Profile”.

Follow a Team

Are you a friend of a team? Do you want to follow the games, but don't need to know where and when every practice is? Follow a team by entering the name of it, and the city and the state. You won’t need a password!

Join & Find Your Profile

Congrats- you've made the cut! When you find your team, check if a profile has already been made for you. If you are also responsible for another team member, feel free to attach yourself to them as well. Remember, you will get all of their notifications as well as your own!

Join & Create a Profile

Don't see yourself on the roster but know you're on the team? No worries- add yourself! As long as you don't need admin control, make a profile and be sure to attach yourself to your name.

Will you be managing your team? Are you a coach or consider yourself the Team Coordinator? It’s an important job, and Junto is here to help! After you first create your account, creating a team is just as easy.

Create Team

Simply press “Create Team” and start filling in information about the name, location, color, and sport. Then, create a password for the team. Make sure this is different than your personal account password, as you will be sharing this with everyone on the team. Congrats, you've made a team on Junto!

Add Team Profiles

What’s a team without players? After creating the team, press “Add Team Members” and enter in the names, numbers, and positions of the players. Don’t forget to add yourself! If you can’t remember everyone right now, it’s no big deal; you’ll be able to add more people later.

Attach Profile

After adding the players, go to “Roster” and select the three dots next to your own name. Press “Attach to Profile.” Now your account is associated with that profile.

Invite Players

Ok, now you have a full roster, but you still need people to download Junto. Head to the manage menu, press on the “Edit Team” menu and select “Invite Members”. Now you can fill out their name, email, and role within the team. They’ll receive the email and you’ll be ready to go!

Add Members Post Team Creation

Did you forget to add some players earlier? We told you it would be ok. Simply go to the roster and select the “+” sign. You’ll be able to fill out a form and add them to your personal team roster.


From scheduling events to assigning tasks, you're the headmaster of coordination. Now that everyone is on the app, you can start running the show.

Editing News/Notes

Whether there is a last minute change to the schedule or you just need to remind everyone when an event is, the News/Notes page is the first thing everyone will see when they log in. Simply select the virtual “pen” and welcome your team to the app. Once you press save, everyone on your team will see what you wrote.

Edit Team Settings

If you ever need to change the name, color, location or password of the team, simply select “Manage Team” and write out the changes. Don’t forget to save changes!

Create a Task

Time to get down to work! You can select the “Tasks” page to describe the details of the work. Give a deadline, a detailed description, and a location. Decide whether or not the task is reassignable.

Assign Task

Nothing will get done unless the task is assigned first! Select the task from the task menu and pick out the team member who needs to get it done. Now you can send reminder emails through the app to the assignees.

Uploading a Document

Need to share a form or letter with the whole team? Simply navigate to the “Documents” tab, select the “+” sign and browse through your Google Drive (Android) or iCloud Drive (iOS) to find the document. Add a description, hit save, and you're good to go!

Save Document to Device

If you need to print off or fill out a document shared to the team, you can hit the download button next to the document. If you're on Android, you can edit the document within Junto itself!

Delete a Fan

You can delete a follower of the team by selecting “Manage Team” and then selecting “Manage Fans”. Press the red “x” next to their name and they will lose access to the team.


Your personal account is your gateway to Junto, and you need to maintain it.

Change Account Password

Changing your password is as easy as pie. Simply select your account settings in the top right corner, press “Change Password”, and enter both your old password and the new. The new password will be in effect immediately.

Delete Attached Profile

Whenever you need to change your profiles, you can easily delete them from your account settings page. This will not delete you from the team.